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It outlines an appropriate organisational structure and considers potential issues relating to people management within the project.It then discusses possible approaches to procurement, identifying and justifying a procurement strategy for the different phases of the project lifecycle, including consultant appointment processes and contract types.In the context of a project manager, he can deal with it as a disturbance handler.

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When it comes to software life cycle, the waterfall model fits the automation system for a marketing firm as it expands its services online.2 Through its entirely programmed sales page, sales presentation and email response to its target market, it only requires the plan and specifications, program design, application, validation, installation and maintenance.

It pertains to the degree of performance at its maximum possibility. Project Management Project management, as the implies is the management of any project.

Management of a project includes several tasks that areranged right from the conception of the project’s idea till its culmination and delivery.

Manpower needed is also important as it brings about the necessary staffs to work on the project and ease of use talks about the program being user-friendly.5 5. The former pertains to the time needed to receive the money invested while the latter pertains to the ability of the project manager to check the project performance and evaluate the current accomplishments and compared them with the objectives or desired results.6 6.

The last question depends upon the model made by Noland regarding the process maturity.


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