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Off-campus UNL users: To download campus access dissertations, please use the following link to log into our proxy server with your NU ID and password.When you are done browsing please remember to return to this page and log out. It’s something we hear of all too often – students who are battling an overwhelming urge to do anything other than study, revise, or write an essay or dissertation despite deadline day looming right around the corner. Capitalising on our capacity to work extremely well whilst the task in hand feels ‘new’, it’s a surprisingly simple time-management tool used by businesses and academics alike.

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As an additional source of concern, several studies estimate that climate change is likely to aggravate the situation.

Chapter 1 analyzes trends in agricultural productivity growth in South America, a region that is likely to have a major role in fulfilling the increased future food demand, to investigate if the slowdown being observed in other regions is present in the subcontinent.

You’re aiming for the very best work you can do, so make sure there are no distractions to throw you off.

It may be wise to put your phone on flight mode, and whatever you do, don’t log onto any social network. Any longer and you may struggle to get back into a flow.

Plus, if you can be more efficient and productive when you are studying, you’ll be left with oodles of time to get on with the things you enjoy doing – because we all know, university isn’t just about work. Read on for further details and tips on how to get started.

Developed in the late 1980s by Francesco Cirillo, a then student at Guido Carli International University, the technique was given its unusual name thanks to the way it was conceived.Focus all your energy on what you need to get done.Remember – the aim here is not to get as much done as possible in 25 minutes; it isn’t a race.The aim here is to work productively through short-bursts of focused activity, so it’s essential that your working blocks aren’t too long.For many people, 25 minutes can be too short so feel free to up it to 28 or 30 minutes, but no longer.Non-UNL users: Please talk to your librarian about requesting this dissertation through interlibrary loan.The increment in food prices observed in recent years drew the attention of researchers and policymakers to the long term capacity of the world to feed itself in the near future.Now, decide on the total amount of time you want to spend; this will help you then split your work into blocks far more easily once you’ve got the hang of the technique.Using a Pomodoro timer for authenticity, or any timer that works well for you (see below for our recommendations), set it to 25 minutes.Additionally, we study how the institutional, economical and sociological environment affects agricultural productivity.Chapter 2 studies the impact of climate on agricultural productivity for 101 counties in Nebraska and Iowa for the 1960-2008 period by developing a county level biomass production function that in addition to the climatic variables it also considers human inputs, soil organic matter and percentage of irrigated land.


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