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Certain forms of behavior are prohibited and penalties are imposed to those engaging in the barred conduct.

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evaluate: What are the arguments for and against this idea? Often, you can turn the questions stated or implied on the exam into an answer and use it as your thesis. For example, suppose you are given the following prompt in your psychology class:"Procedural knowledge" is knowing how to perform a task, such as tying a shoe or driving a car, and studies of amnesia have shown that this type of knowledge or memory is often retained by amnesic patients.

Even in anmesic patients who have lost most of their declarative memory capacity, the ability to form new procedural memories is often intact...

In other words, your purpose is both informative and persuasive.

Keeping this purpose in mind will help you both prepare for and write the essay. Your instructor is not looking for a collection of unrelated pieces of information.

Trial is then implemented resulting to conviction or acquittal.

In case of conviction, the process then moves to a step of sentencing. Sentencing can also lead to appeals process in case the accused requires revision of the trial (John, 2010).Rather, he or she wants to see that you understand the whole picture, i.e., how the generalizations or concepts create the framework for the specific facts, and how the examples or details fill in the gaps.So, when you're studying, try to think about how the information fits together. Try to prepare for questions that are likely to be asked.Search and seizure As John, (2010, p.429) argues, when evidence is looked in a manner that penetrates the zone of privacy which is legally protected, it is termed as search and should be conducted by government agents only.A seizure occurs when the control of persons or property is taken by the agents.As defined by John (2010, p.16), criminal trial is a process that is highly formal and is governed by procedure and evidence rules comprising the following steps.Firstly, investigation is conducted in which search and seizure, and arrest is done. Arraignment then follows where a plea of guilty or not guilty is entered.If your instructor has given you the questions themselves or a study sheet in advance, practice answering those questions.Otherwise, try to anticipate questions your instructor is likely to ask and practice those.Since searches and seizures commonly involve serious invasions of confidentiality, the authority to conduct them is limited by constitutions.You may often be asked in college to take essay exams.


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