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Uses analysis, wisdom, experience, and logical methods to make good decisions and solve difficult problems with effective solutions; appropriately incorporates multiple inputs to establish shared ownership and effective action.Uses a combination of logic, analysis, experience, wisdom, and advanced methods to make sound, timely decisions and to solve problems.In order to implement this curriculum, teachers will need to undergo training sessions in order to transform teaching methods, teaching forms and assessment oriented to competency development.

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However, it is possible to define the competency in three trends: The first is that the authors defined competency as a quality of personality. For example: "Competency is the ordering set of skills that affect the contents of a given situation to solve the problem posed by such situation" (Rogiers X. Skill presents ability to do cognitive or behavioral actions in a proficient, accurate and adaptive manner to changeable conditions, while competency means a system of complex actions, including competencies and non-cognitive components (attitudes, emotions, motives, values, and ethics).

The third group defines the competency basing on the origin of competency.

By October 2001, the OECD published the competency framework for high school students in three competency groups that are recognized in a holistic and integrated approach .

Vietnam is also in the process of reforming its general education curriculum which is built from transfer of content approach to competency approach with a system of common competencies.

The All definitions of this group confirm that competency is formed from activities and through activity the competency can be formed and developed.

There are authors having the same opinion with this group such as John Erpenbeck , etc.Identifies and manages the appropriate level of inclusion indicated by the situation Skillfully probes all appropriate sources; demonstrates advanced skill and keen insight in gathering, sorting, and applying key information.Demonstrates deep resolve and resilience throughout the process. This work is derived from the LEADERSHIP ARCHITECT® Competency Library developed and copyrighted by Robert W. In Vietnam, there were many authors who studied on problem-solving teaching and problem-solving competency. The second group is based on the structural component of the competency to define the competency.However, there is still a need for specific research applying those views in teaching the subjects as reference materials to help teachers respond to the teaching of the new general education curriculum. Competency - Definition of competency In the world, in the researches on competencies, many authors defined competency in different aspects. All definitions under this group confirm that competency is composed of skills. Lobanova and Yu Shunin emphasized that "competency" and "skill" should not be considered synonyms.Understands levels of inclusion necessary for ownership and effective action Probes all appropriate sources; demonstrates advanced skill and insight in gathering and sorting key information.Demonstrates persistence, skill, and resilience throughout the process.According to the draft general education curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam (2017): "Competency is an individual attribute which is formed, developed by available quality and learning and training process, allows people to synthesize knowledge, skills, and other personal attributes such as excitement, belief, will, successfully perform a certain type of activity, achieving desired results in specific conditions " [; p. Types of competency in general education curriculum in Vietnam The general education curriculum forms and develops the following core competencies for students: - Common competencies are formed and developed by all subjects and educational activities such as self-control and self-learning competency, communication and co-operation competency, problem-solving competency and creativity; - Professional competency: Professional competencies are formed and developed primarily through a number of subjects and certain educational activities such as language competency, computational competency, natural and social exploration competency, technological competency, informatics competency, aesthetic competency, physical competency. Developing Problem - Solving Competency for Students in Teaching Biology at High School in Vietnam In the general education curriculum, it is generally identified three common competencies and 7 professional competencies.However, in in Vietnam nowadays, teaching of competency approach is still difficult for teachers.In this article, on the basis of research on competency, we have given a problem-solving competency development process in teaching biology at high school as an illustrative example.


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