Private Vs Public Healthcare In Canada Essay

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There is another consideration to make: a great deal of medical expenses are deductible or are cleared by the State on the basis of your income: if you earn more, you pay more.

However this system, which is theoretically sound, has been considered by many Italians a bit of a State swindle: to the Italian government, any household earning in exceeds of 60 thousand USD a year is high earning.

In Italy, as in the US, such income is far from being “high”, considering the life costs in this day and age, especially for an average family.

Problems, there are aplenty, but the good points of the Italian healthcare system should not be forgotten.

Also, government-run systems save money by freeloading off American innovation.

American drug companies, funded by American customers, fund most of the world's research and development of pharmaceuticals.

This year, there was a crisis in emergency room care—people left in hallways for hours and hours."Critics of U. health care say waiting in line is better than getting no care, which is what happens to Americans who cannot afford to pay. Pope points out that America already has "over a trillion dollars a year in public spending, really, to provide health care to people who don't afford it." Also, American emergency rooms treat anyone who comes in. Government and government-subsidized insurance companies currently spend most of America's health dollars.

By contrast, single-payer means taxpayers' funds are spent on everyone—even people who can afford to pay for their own care. The affluent often escape government's waiting lines and treatment limits by buying private health insurance. Bernie Sanders says gleefully that he wants to put private insurance companies "out of business."Hearing that, Pope replied, "makes you wonder whether this is more about spite than it is about improving people's health."All of this doesn't mean the system in the U. If politicians here really want to improve things, they should try letting the market function. Right now, state laws won't even allow new private hospitals unless a regional board—often made up of people affiliated with already-existing hospitals—declares a "need" for a new one and it is registered with the American Hospital Association. American tax laws push workers to employer-funded coverage.

In America, public coverage is limited to Medicare, and the private sector is the major provider of health coverage to citizens.

Far from being exhaustive, this brief article just wants to give you a general idea of what the main differences between the two systems are, without implying one is better than the other, but rather intends to offer the starting point for a wider discussion on a subject, which is very delicate indeed.


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