Pragmatism And Education Essay

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The point is, lessons can be designed to be practical, no matter what the students' lives are like.

Another key component to pragmatism is experiential learning, which is just a fancy way of saying that education should come through experience.

Try it risk-free There are many different ways to approach education.

Watch this lesson to find out about one of them, pragmatism, and the way that it combines practical and experiential learning to offer students a chance to grow and learn. She wants to make her lessons as good as possible, and to reach as many students as possible, but she's not sure how to do that.

One of the most important schools of philosophy of education is pragmatism.

Pragmatism stands between idealism and materialism a sort of compromise.

She can stand at the front of the room and list the steps on the board and explain each one, or she can give the students worksheets and have them memorize the steps, then give them a test on it.

In this way, Sally is focusing in on the ideas behind the scientific method.


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