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Once a planning committee recognises the political power of such considerations then these aspects, rather than just the carbon footprint of the development, might be a far more potent influence on future retailing trends.

Greater local identity in the design of the development, suppliers and services, could lead to retail buildings being founded more firmly in the local community.

“America’s national park system is truly magnificent, a testament to our best instincts and aspirations as a nation, and it deserves the full protection that Congress has afforded it.” @politico #Appalachia #Appalachian Trail #pipeline [email protected] Andrew @Blavatnik School considers the possibility of a carbon-free energy future, via @Pro Syn: Yo @UN #energyeconomics #greenfinance #United Nations Action Summit Nw JKb Is the big-box store killing Main Street?

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Based on his conclusions, Guy makes suggestions for improving the process.

Reading this book is a must for anyone involved in retail development whether it be in establishing policy, challenging fixed ideas of different forms of shopping, designing new or revitalising existing areas. On the subject of regeneration Guy is even more sceptical about the value of retail development and questions whether the word ‘regeneration’ should be used in connection with retail development, particularly if it overrides other policy tests.He thus appears to be at odds with Tiesdell, Oc and Heath whom he quotes earlier in the book.He focuses on the latter and argues cogently that reducing travel is not simply a matter of sequential testing or providing all development in the town centre, but does not go into the economic and social aspects of sustainability although he is fully aware of these issues and refers briefly to them in the previous chapter.Emphasis on a broader understanding of sustainability would also show the importance of the use of local suppliers, local materials and maintenance undertaken by local tradesmen.Should this have been a larger book or is there scope for a further volume?For example, under the heading of sustainability the author identifies two main land use implications: first the possible loss of agricultural land and secondly that new development should not increase travel requirements.This bestselling planner is the complete self-management tool for students.It contains everything students need to organise their information and time effectively, including study skills advice, diary pages, personal finance guidance, timetables, useful contacts and websites, spelling rules, notes pages and much more.Guy points out that often the challenge is not the out-of-town centre or the off-centre development but developments in other town centres which shows all the more reason to develop a clear brand and identity for each town.Or perhaps the contradictions and complexities of town centres are actually why so many people like shopping in them because of the different experiences they provide.


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