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It is hydrogen-like with a binding energy half that of hydrogen.Positronium has been found to scatter like an electron for the same velocity.

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This theoretical physics project aims to develop novel schemes for generating long-lived, thermally-robust entanglement between individual pairs of cold atoms.

Theoretical models developed in this project will inform optical tweezer experiments in the lab of Mikkel Andersen at the University of Otago.

We create the coldest stuff in the Universe – a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) – by laser-cooling helium atoms to within a millionth of a degree Kelvin.

At these extremely low temperatures particles behave more like waves.

MIR integrated devices can accomplish this and ANU leads the world in this field.

A fundamental scientific question is a better understanding of the elemental abundances and the isotopic pattern of our solar system which is a fingerprint of stellar nucleosynthesis.

Direct observation is needed and can only be accomplished in the MIR with cancelation of glare from the host star.

The quest for earth like planets faces the same challenge.

Out-of-equilibrium dynamics – be it caused by a disturbance and subsequent “rethermalisation”, or by passing through a phase transition – is a difficult question to characterise.

This project looks at both equilibration and phase transitions in a Bose-Einstein condensate of metastable helium atoms.


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