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Research is expected to investigate or develop a unique contribution to science and technology.Research may be experimental, analytical, applied, or theoretical, provided it satisfies these criteria and is approved by the dissertation committee.

It is recommended that this choice be made in consultation with a faculty advisor and the ECE associate chair for graduate studies. thesis in preparation or previously completed thesis • A final project report derived from an ECE Independent Study course. Qualifying Exam • Communications, Signal Processing and Microwave • Computer Networking • Computer Architecture • Electronic and Photonic Devices • Intelligent Systems The student needs to select a minimum of 4 courses out of 6 courses (or equivalent) required by each area: Students can take additional courses as per the advisement of area.

A suitable basis for the examination may include, but is not restricted to: • A paper/report (conference, journal, technical report, patent, and/or published or submitted) • A conference paper submission based on research under the supervision of a faculty advisor. During the exam the student will make a 30-minute oral presentation of his/her own independent research to the oral exam committee. Here are the suggested courses for different areas: Formation of Dissertation Committee A dissertation committee must be formed within three months after passing the qualifying examination.

In the application, the student should identify the research focus area for the exam and outline how the course requirements (if any) for that focus area have been met.

For the oral exam, the student will prepare a written report to the committee and to the associate chair for graduate studies at least one week before the exam date.

Advisors are assigned based on student preferences and availability of funding. In addition to the Chair, the committee will include three faculty members in the student’s area of interest.

Change of advisor requires consent of the previous advisor and departmental approval. The supervisor of the independent research work or the student’s prospective advisor may be part of the committee.Successful defense of the dissertation is determined by vote of the dissertation committee.All members of the committee must be present to hear the defense.In cases where more than one advisor is directing the dissertation, the primary advisor must be on the core departmental faculty. Qualifying Exam has two parts: I) GPA requirement on selected courses, and II) Research potential assessment. GPA Course Requirements: ECE Course Requirement: Prequalified doctoral students are required to pass four courses selected from a list of relevant doctoral courses (“core courses”) with a GPA of at least 3.5 or higher. Research Potential Assessment Oral Qualifier: The research potential assessment oral qualifying examination must be taken within the first year from the time the student starts the Ph. A student must send in an official application for taking the oral Qualifying exam to the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies, at least one month before the target date of the oral exam committee.Qualifying Examination Goal: ECE Department’s qualifying exam needs to be a constructive component in the development of a student’s research skills and along with the course work requirements to identify students qualified for research. Each research group (Communications, Signal Processing and Microwave; Computer Networking; Computer Architecture, Electronic and Photonic Devices; and Intelligent Systems) has its own list of courses. The student is responsible to find a time such that all committee members can attend.If the dissertation advisor is not an ECE department faculty member, there must be a co-advisor who is a tenure-track or tenured faculty member in the ECE department at NJIT.Research Proposal Doctoral candidates must prepare a written research proposal for approval by their dissertation committee.Students may take courses simultaneously with the 790 or 792 course as per Ph. program guidelines or dissertation committee recommendation. Whether or not a program requires additional courses above the aforementioned minimum requirements, a Ph. student's dissertation committee may ask the student to take additional courses.) each semester until they complete all degree requirements. For the students accepted with a MS degree, within the first two semesters from the time the student starts the Ph. program the student must complete one Independent Research course in his/her research area of interest. The oral exam committee will be assigned by the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies of the ECE Department.Students may take courses simultaneously with the 790 or 792 course as per Ph. program guidelines or dissertation committee recommendation. Selection of Dissertation Advisor Students must select a dissertation topic and advisor within 6 months of joining the program. track, the exam must be taken within two years from the time the student starts the Ph. For the Independent Research course, the student registers with a faculty member who may or may not be the student’s prospective Ph. It will be chaired by a faculty member from an area different from the student’s area of interest.The research proposal would normally include title and goal of the proposed dissertation; a detailed discussion of background material, including a literature search; a summary of work accomplished to date; a statement of how the residency requirement will be met; and a proposed time table for completion of research.Dissertation and Defense A dissertation should demonstrate original research that contributes to knowledge in the field.


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