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He fights no pirates and has no Neverland, save that real people never go to the bird sanctuary island in the Serpentine.

In July 1927 Barrie further elaborated the character of Captain James Hook in a droll address, “Captain Hook at Eton,” that he delivered at Hook’s putative .

It is all too timely for our era of selfishly infertile and casually feticidal adults.

Perhaps we miss has become far rarer than it was a century ago. Darling and Hook are, in fact, the same character, operating respectively in this world and in Barrie’s for a quarter century.

His Fairy Note 259 states: “The horror of growing up [is the] root idea of is about child death, Barrie bluntly suggested in the program notes for the 1908 Paris production of the play: “Of Peter himself you must make what you will. And if, as Barrie implies, Neverland is only “part of the way” to their final destination, why need they pause there, and how and when do they move onward? a child’s mind, which is not only confused, but keeps going round all the time. He can help others to be saved precisely because he cannot save himself.

Perhaps he was a little boy who died young, and this is how the author conceived of his subsequent adventures” (A. Darling, on hearing of Peter from her children, dimly remembers from her own childhood “odd stories” about “a Peter Pan who . Part of the answer seems to be given in a narrator’s digression near the start of : Neverland is a configuration of a child’s mind, different for each child, that yields a high density of adventures; this implies that one goes to Neverland to have adventures, which are, for the Lost Boys, “of daily occurrence” ( I don’t know whether you have ever seen a map of . This, sadly, may be Barrie’s view of his own calling.Darling spends little time with his children, to whom he says, chiefly, “A little less noise there.” His children amuse themselves at bedtime by making up stories about Peter Pan because Mr.Darling is too busy—and keeps his wife too busy—with social engagements to tell or read them stories.The novelized version was first published in 1911, seven years after the play was first staged but seventeen years before its script was published. The 1902 Peter Pan is an infant runaway who dwells on the bird sanctuary island in Hyde Park’s Serpentine Lake and consorts by night with fairies in neighboring Kensington Gardens.Boys abandoned in the gardens at night he either rescues and takes to his island or buries, if they have died of exposure.His children sense this: When we first meet them, John, playing their father to Wendy’s Mrs.Preoccupied with his financial position in the City, Mr.Yet the persistent popularity of the Christened solstice relative to theologically weightier Good Friday and Easter might remind us that a reluctance to grow up, to “put away childish things,” to leave the manger and shoulder one’s cross, long antedates Barrie’s fiction. is about the death of children, long a daunting challenge to both simple faith and learned soteriology.Perhaps neo-Scroogian cultural critics might deprecate our aversion to confronting mortality as “Christmas syndrome,” had not Barrie provided a scapegoat—a figure to whose account, under the rubric of “Peter Pan syndrome,” that folly may be charged with less manifest humbuggery. It is, however, equally about deadly parental neglect—about not wanting or loving children.Peter also takes other children to Neverland, however—children such as the three Darlings, who have not died and may return to our own world.These children, it seems, may include girls, who, like Wendy, are preparing for the cruel task of mothering boys.


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