Persuasive Essays About Too Much Homework

Homework, when done right, establishes excellent study skills and habits, development of time management, discipline and self control. There are various people who think that the homework given is enough and that those claiming that it is an overload and should be shunned.

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In essence, in place of overburdening homework, some teachers are actually giving the children homework that only an adult can be able to complete.

For example, a first-grader was given an assignment to research a historically significant person and write an essay that is two pages long and also include a bibliography, while the child had only started to learn how to read and write a few months prior to the assignment.

The debate has been heated so much that the legal measures have had to be taken in several cases.

For example, there were debates back in the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century whereby there enactment of an act was to make sure that there would be no homework given to children.

24 % said that they were given less work, while the remaining 19 % said that they were overworked with homework.

However, it is good to note that the survey was done on a set date for which it was nationally advertised and one of the questions noted ws the amount of work that was given to children the previous night.

It is interesting to note that unlike in the past, the amount of books that children used to carry and what they have to carry today indicates a big difference.

Some medical doctors have even had to testify that children’s spines were being bent due to heavy loads of books that they had to carry daily.

In essence, it is a fact that today’s education system teaches children to produce answers for which the correctness of these answers are assessed by adult experts in place of teaching children how to be creative.

This is noted in the increased pressure given to children for them to perform well in exams and homework for them to progress in the academic ladder.


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