Periodic Table Assignment

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Tennessine wikipedia, lookup Dmitri Mendeleev wikipedia, lookup Period 3 element wikipedia, lookup Period 2 element wikipedia, lookup Period 5 element wikipedia, lookup Period 6 element wikipedia, lookup Group 3 element wikipedia, lookup Alkaline earth metal wikipedia, lookup Boron group wikipedia, lookup Halogen wikipedia, lookup Group 12 element wikipedia, lookup Noble gas wikipedia, lookup Name _________________________________________________________________________ Periodic Table Assignment Directions: Using your text (pgs.

98-105 and 303-307), notes, and internet, answer the following questions below.

Use it and any other resources to answer the questions on the following assignment.

It is perfectly acceptable to search for the answers to any of these questions on sources outside the dynamic periodic table.

Which are the two liquids at STP on the Periodic Table?

Answer the following questions below and list the ANSWERS ONLY to the end of your assignment.

Element X is a solid that is brittle, lacks luster, and has six valence electrons.

Which element is malleable and conducts electricity?

Based on Reference Table S, which of the following atoms requires the least energy for the removal of the most loosely bound electron?

All atoms of a given element must contain the same number of 1.


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