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If we see enough demand, we’ll do whatever we can to get those notes up on the site for you. * Examples of Women leaders of suffrage- Women played a major role in the social-justice movement.

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Although the Constitution was not the only factor leading to sectional tension in America, there are many strong points in the North and South favoring the statement. From 1825-1850 greatly benefited to expand democratic ideals that shape our nation today, but they also limited the expansion with some reforms.

Effects of technological development on the worker and workplace • Labor and unions • National politics and influence of corporate power • Migration and immigration: changing face of the nation • Proponents and opponents of the new order (e. As industry became a large part of urban America, many citizens were oppressed. Select the questions you are best prepared to answer.

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The sample response PDFs in this section were updated to reflect changes to the rubrics that took effect with the 2016 AP U.

I do not even know how to make the best of the twenty minutes that your committee has placed at my disposal, and as for life as a whole, who ever yet made the best of such a colossal opportunity by conscious effort and deliberation.

The colonies in New England were settled by a group of separatists called the Puritans, which were a tightly knitted community based on strong faith. Each AP course and exam description details objectives and expectations of an AP course.Economics , Elasticity , Income elasticity of demand 1569 Words | 3 Pages. Document Based — 1 Question | 55 Minutes (includes 15-minute reading period) | 25% of Exam Score Analyze and synthesize historical data.However, political changes and economic differences between the states warped this nationalism into the sectionalism that divided the country into north, south and west regions.Name_____________________________ Date_______________ Per___________ DBQ REVIEW What is the question of the DBQ.Faith , Massachusetts , Massachusetts Bay Colony 772 Words | 3 Pages.American Civil War , Louisiana , Maryland 1460 Words | 4 Pages.During the period of 1850, until 1861 when the Confederate States of America was formed, the union was clearly divided between the North and South.Point # Generic Description Explanation/ Commentary Examples and Commentary 1 Has acceptable thesis.Abolitionism , American Civil War , Maryland 890 Words | 2 Pages. AP US History is a serious course and includes many course goals. Checklist For the Beautiful DBQ: – Read Question – Analyze it and look for all the things it is asking for – Rephrase the question if.The nation found it impossible to compromise due to differences in opinion, political views, political parties and other factors. Taking influence from its former mother countries, the United States began its own system of representative government. 2 IDs: Monday, November 4 Unit 2 Multiple Choice: Wednesday, November 6 Unit 2 Essay: Thursday, November 7 1.


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