Organ Transplant Essay Introduction

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Specific purpose: to persuade the audience to donate their organs after their death and to influence their decision to become a donor of organs and tissues.

Central Idea: the number of people who need organs is constantly growing and it is within our power to help them and save their lives.

In a way, donation enhances the wellbeing of humanity.

In conclusion, organ and tissue donation are not just a noble thing to do; it is a human duty.

The sad truth is though, because of the lack of people willing to donate organs, many people will continue to wait for organs to save their lives. Waiting lists of patients for organ transplants become longer as the need for transplantable organs increases? Think back to how someone might feel when a close family member or friend dies.

With out argument, the feeling one experiences when going through a time like that is one of the most painful experiences.The recipient remains grateful and every single day, he or she knows that without the donor’s generosity and sacrifice, they would be dead. By donating to science, scientists are able to carry out more research, a starting point in the discovery of cures for diseases and the improvement of human life.Scientists’ knowledge of body organs relies to a great extent on donation thus the cure for such diseases as cancer depends on the sacrifice and generosity of individual donors.Contrary to the popular fallacies perpetuated and believed by individuals who are hesitant to donate organs, it is a noble thing to do.It can save the life of not only the recipient but numerous other people. When one person donates, he is encouraging many others to do the same.It saves lives and patients who might not otherwise survive get a chance to live.Some of the reasons identified by opponents of organ donation are religious.Some families bar their members from donating organs.In some cases, the opponents of organ and tissue donation merely ride on misconceptions.At times, it becomes a business as some immoral individuals and groups work in cahoots with medical personnel to illegally acquire organs and sell to needy patients at extremely high prices.The killing of the Falun Gong in China for organ harvesting highlights the high demand for organs.


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