Odyssey Scylla And Charybdis Essay

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Despite their similarities both men have many differences.For example, Everett is more focused on the task at hand while Odysseus is distracted.

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This shows that Everett can get off track easily when it comes to his self-image and he doesn’t even think about what he should be doing.

In Circe is telling Odysseus how to get home, when she tells him about a deadly creature that he should stay away from he wants to fight it any way.

”Deadly Charybdis-can’t I possibly cut and run from her and still fight Scylla off when Scylla strikes my men? He says this because he thinks he is unstoppable and that he can take any monster that comes at him.

He also wants the rights to brag about defeating a monster that no one else could defeat.

He is not a hero because he exhibits a cold-hearted personality, and because Athena gave Odysseus a lot of extra help during his adventures.

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The true personality of Odysseus finally comes out in The Odyssey.Odysseus seemed to make decisions and say thing to people regardless of how it affected their life or feelings.Another reason Odysseus is not a hero is because he receives so much extra help from Athena. 907), Athena disguises Odysseus as an old beggar and he attempts to shoot an arrow through several small rings.Despite their similarities there are some things that set them apart.Although Everett and Odysseus are alike, Everett has better leadership skills, which in the end helps him and his crew get to where they need to go., Odysseus has been away for twenty years.Odysseus and his men are on Circe’s island, after Odysseus saves his men from the clutches of Circe.Odysseus and his men hang out at the island for a year because Odysseus is sleeping with her.Instead he was fooling around with a Goddess for a year.After Everett and his men fall into the trap of the Sirens they wake up and fine that one of them is missing, Pete.In my project I compared Odysseus from “The Odyssey” and Everet for ‘O Brother Where Art Thou” In this project the students had to create a thesis and link it through the paper and support it.Sometimes leaders can get distracted, even the great ones, but it is their job to realize that they made a mistake and must suffer the consequences. Odysseus from and Everett from O Brother Where Art Thou were both amazing leaders and their men looked up to them.


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