Ocr Physics A Coursework

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The basic concepts of Physical Chemistry will also be covered these will include Enthalpy changes, Reaction Rates and Chemical Equilibrium.

5 A* to C passes at GCSE which should include at least grade A’s in Double Science (or Chemistry) and a B in Mathematics.

I am therefore looking at the relationship between the distance the object fell, and its velocity as it passed through the light gate.

An average of the velocities measured in each experiment has been calculated and the height at which the weight was dropped has been multiplied by 1000 to convert it to metres. I added a curved line of best fit to the graph, showing positive correlation between the distance fallen and the velocity of the object as it passed through the light gate.

I have therefore added range bars to the velocity-time graph using the table below to show the maximum and minimum values for velocity recorded around the average.

The graph shows that both energy forms increase in direct proportion to the distance fallen.

I am therefore going to investigate whether there is any relationship between the distance fallen and the difference between energy forms, to see where the kinetic energy was lost – most likely as heat from friction.

There seems to be little correlation between the difference in potential and kinetic energy and the distance the object fell from.

Also the beam is being broken when the total mass has not travelled as far, which, in relation to the very first graph would also mean the velocity could be less.

Another source of error could potentially come from the way the metal strip is attached.


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