Obama'S Princeton Thesis

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“At Princeton, it seemed the only thing I needed to be vigilant about was my studies.

Everything otherwise was designed to accommodate our well-being as students,” she wrote.

But, early in the book, she recounted a meeting with a high school college counselor that she had, for the most part, “blotted out" of her memory.

“It’s possible, in fact, that during our short meeting the college counselor said things to me that might have been positive and helpful, but I recall none of it,” she wrote.

Presto, Michelle has fulfilled the Affirmative Action requirements for Blacks getting a bachelor’s degree.

You might be tempted to regard the conclusion as being irrelevant to the thesis it purports to arise from. It may be relevant in the sense that Michelle is trying to figure out how it is that educated Blacks often become Uncle Toms, “fogittin dey roots,” and how this might be prevented.

Anytime I found my voice in class or nailed an exam, I quietly hoped it helped make a larger point,” she wrote.

While she was a student, Princeton was "​extremely white and very male." Because of this, Obama quickly made friends with other students of color and discovered that the harmonious diversity portrayed in college brochures didn't translate to her own college experience.

Obama wrote that right-wing media used the thesis to paint a picture of her as a radical determined to "overthrow the white majority" and to further alienate her and her husband in the eyes of American electorate.

"For reasons I’ll never understand, the conservative media was treating my paper as if it were some secret black-power manifesto, a threat that had to be unburied.


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