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The Tariff of 1832 only increased South Carolina’s opposition and the popularity of nullification on the state level.

Indeed, Nullification, as outlined by Calhoun, is one of the highest forms of patriotism.

Many South Carolina politicians began to call for a nullification of the tariff in the state.

The idea of nullification meant that a state could essentially veto the federal government.

The Nullification Crisis of 1832 is one of the first events in the chain of crises that would ultimately lead to the Civil War.

Following the economic depression of the 1820s, the US government had passed several new tariffs, including the protectionist Tariff of 1828, called the “Tariff of Abominations.” South Carolina’s economy was especially hard hit by the tariff, and state politics began to revolve around the issue of whether a state could overrule the federal government.South Carolina had economic hard times after the war of 1812.Cotton prices started to drop and South Carolina was in a state of depression.Thomas Cooper, the president of the South Carolina College said “Is it worth while to continue in this union of states, where the north demands to be our masters and we are required to be their tributaries.”(Goode 89) John C.Calhoun being Vice President and was from South Carolina strongly disagreed with this Tariff of Abominations.It serves the following: In November 1832, a Nullification Convention met and declared that the Tariffs would not be enforced in South Carolina and that attempts at enforcement would lead to secession.President Jackson’s response was to threaten military action against the state. Jackson himself later said that the tariff was just an excuse for disunion and the formation of a Southern Confederacy, and that their next excuse would be slavery.All these events will eventually lead to bloodshed and that’s the last thing we want. “Encyclopedia of American Government” Pasadena, California 1975: 671 Benton, William “The Annuls of America” New York 1968: 232 Goode, Stephen “The New Federalism” New York 1983: 87 - 92 Mac Donald, William “The American Nation a History, the Jacksonian Democracy” New York 1909: 67 – 88 National Urban League – Quasi Judicial Agencies “Dictionary of American History” New York 1976: 125 Shaw, Ronald E. “Andrew Jackson 1767 – 1845 “ Dobbs Ferry, New York 1969: 59 Schlesinger, Arthur M.“The Age of Jackson” Boston 1945: 15 Schlesinger, Arthur M.“The Age of Jackson” New York 1945: 34, 403, 95-96 Stamp, Kenneth M.“The Causes of the Civil War” New York 1959: 68 Print Save.asp?


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