Netflix Case Study Problem Statement

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Richardson, a very head strong individual, wasn't about to let Ms. He quickly responded "Maria, you're really off base with Netflix.

It would be against our fiduciary responsibility to add it to the portfolio." You could see that Ms. Her face was red and she raised her voice a couple of levels and said "Joe, you have to trust me on this one. Richardson said "alright Maria, let's get Chris to pull together a report covering Netflix's background and the factors affecting the company this past year that could help us make a decision.

Taking advantage of this technology, the American company Netflix launched a video streaming website on 2009 where users could watch the most recent Television episodes and Hollywood Blockbusters.

Netflix changed content consumption models in the entertainment industry and led to the disappearance of the mainstream video rental store in North America.

Now if you want to play movies, music or watch an episode of your favorite TV show you can easily do it wherever you may be.

If we want to fully understand the impact of video streaming in society and the entertainment industry we must first look at the technological advancements that paved the road so companies and services like Netflix, ITunes or Hulu could become successful.

By taking Netflix as a case study I seek to understand how the technology works and how it has turned into such a success among users.

The service offered by this website has re-shaped the way users consume media as well as how the entertainment industry approaches its intended market.

With his i Pad in one hand and his coffee in the other, he glanced at the clock as he entered the conference room. The stock has plummeted over the past ten months and I would not consider it a value play." Before Chris could even begin taking notes Ms.

Chris had 30 seconds to spare and thought to himself, "another close call. Hunter said pretty forcefully "Come on Joe, this is a great company.


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