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We examine employment effects, such as wages and employee turnover, before, during, and after periods of fraudulent financial reporting. We take issue with claims that the funding mix of banks, which makes them fragile and crisis-prone, is efficient because it reflects special liquidity benefits of bank debt. The Social Science Research Network’s Research Paper Series includes working papers produced by Stanford GSB the Rock Center.You may search for authors and topics and download copies of the work there.

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We examine how a leader’s level of narcissism affects two fundamental aspects of organizational culture -...

This paper provides a positive identification result for first-price procurement models with asymmetric bidders, statistically dependent private signals, and interdependent costs.

When bidders are risk neutral, the model’s payoff-relevant primitives are: (i) the joint...

We examine Kreps’ (2019) conjecture that optimal expected utility in the classic Black–Scholes–Merton (BSM) economy is the limit of optimal expected utility for a sequence of discrete-time economies that “approach” the BSM economy in a natural...

Seminal studies show that naïve lab participants accurately predict who wins real-world elections based solely on candidate photos.

It is unclear what this implies for the health of democracy without knowing whether candidates who look...

Does decomposing cost of goods sold entail significant competitive costs?

We examine this question using a relaxation of disaggregated manufacturing cost disclosure requirements in Korea.

Are ordinary citizens or political party leaders better positioned to select candidates?

While the direct vote primary system in the United States lets citizens choose, it is exceptional, as the vast majority of democracies rely... dollar exchange rate clears the global market for dollar-denominated safe assets.


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