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I am planning to go to italiy for working or studying in next year. Sono brava in grammatica me chi sono molti difficili in Italiano. When you introduce yourself tell someone your name, first and last. ”Y: “Io vengo da Sidney.” = “I’m from Sydney.”NF: “Sei mai stata in Italia? ”Y: “No, questa è la prima volta.” = “No, this is the first time.”NF: “Prego, accomodati! ”Y: “Si, grazie un caffè.” = “Yes, please, a coffee.”NF: “Ti stai divertendo qui? ”Y: “Si certamente.” = “Yes, of course.”NF: “Cosa hai fatto di bello oggi? ”Y: “Oggi sono andata al Maschio Angioino e ho fatto delle belle foto.” = “Today I’ve been to the Maschio Angioino and I’ve taken some beautiful pictures.”NF: “Napoli è una bella città, e penso che valga la pena vederla una volta nella vita.” = “Naples is an amazing city, I think it’s worth seeing it once in a lifetime.”Y: “Non molto tempo fa ho pensato a questo viaggio in Italia alla scoperta del paese natio di mio nonno.” = “Not too long ago I decided to make this trip to explore the country where my grandfather was born.”NF: “Che bella idea!

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Continuing life as they did in Italy, my mother’s family carried on many Italian traditions.

By growing all of their own fruits and vegetables, they prepared all of their meals from scratch.

Mi piace molto tutti così Italiani e spero imparare molto.

Ho studiato Italiana in passato ma non ricordo molto.

This is a special event in Italy that occurs on the first day of Novena, which is the first day of the nine day of prayers devoted to baby Jesus.

While there, you’ll probably meet many people and possibly make new friends, as Italians are a sociable bunch who like talking.In Europe it is common to offer your hand for a handshake and keep eye contact, as this shows that you are alert, genuine and interested in what is being said. ”Y: “Mio nonno era di Caserta, e domani vado là.” = “My grandfather was born in Caserta and tomorrow I’m going there.”NF: “Dal momento che non conosci bene la strada, posso procurarti una cartina.” = “Given that you’re not familiar with the area I can get you a map.”Y: “Grazie, molto gentile.” = “Thank you, that’s very kind of you.”NF: “Ad ogni modo se vuoi stare qui a lungo, mi piacerebbe farti fare un giro qui attorno.” = “By the way, if you want to stay here longer, I would love to show you around.”Y: “Grazie, sarebbe bello! I truly hope my advice will make your visit to Italy much more enjoyable.Your handshake should be firm, and don’t be surprised if your new friend moves in for a cheek kiss or shoulder slap. Of course, when meeting new friends it’s always advisable to steer clear of touchy religion or race issues – and you might also not want to mention if you happen to be a fan of a rival football (soccer) team. ”Y: “Grazie per la tua ospitalità” = “Thanks for your hospitality.” This is only an example about what can be talked about when you meet someone at a party.Here are some tips on introducing yourself and making new friends in Italy: First of all, smile because you want to appear warm, friendly and easy going. Of course, just like at home the conversation can span from movies and music to your hobbies. I sat, huddled in a ball, behind the armchair in my living room.I was trying to be as still and patient as I could be.Well known for their passionate views and vivacious communicative style, Italians are all about connecting and conversation.If you’d like to participate in these exchanges, the first thing you’ll need to know is how to introduce yourself.Their house contained a cold cellar where my grandfather fermented grapes to create red wine, and my grandmother hung meats such as sausage, capicola, and sopressata.They canned vegetables for the winter by preparing them in large vats called vaso di croc where they preserved the vegetables with vinegar and salt.


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