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To me, highlights a number of valuable lessons through its main character, Piscine Molitor Patel, which are applicable to people from all walks of life.Although I would like to believe that most of us have watched this movie, I am obliged to mention to those who have yet to watch it that this article will reveal important events.Then, there are those rare movies that connect with us in both of those ways.

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Martel's book poses the question-how can a religious person like Pi continue be moral yet survive according to his moral laws in an amoral, dog-eat-dog world?

The answer the book provides is complex and simple all at once-Pi must hold true to his values of tolerance, yet be adaptive enough to learn to and respond to his environment.

Piscine was the joke of the school as he was incessantly teased about his name.

The next year, however, he was determined to start anew by introducing himself as Pi in an unconventional and imaginative manner.

His religious diversity forms a moral standard of “dignity not …depravity” (Martel 71).

He values dignity and character over corruption of morals initially because he sees Humans generally face struggles in their lifetime.

The Life of Pi by Yann Martel is part philosophical meditation, part "Survivor" story.

It tells the tale of a young protagonist, a boy named Pi, who must survive on a raft with wild animals after a shipwreck.

Soon, one of the animals, a hyena, eats every animal on board-except for the tiger, that Pi names Robert Parker.

The tiger eats the hyena, thus saving Pi, as Pi was sure that he was the hyena's next meal!


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