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The blood-suckers outside Zhang’s residence were so ferocious that the security guard had a free bottle of spray ready for visitors.

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Children and teens read, took notes, did homework, and some of them also couldn’t stop checking their smart phones.

The plastic chairs were hard; the reading tables were plain; and the seating was a bit crowded.

Text-oriented books for older readers and teens are tucked away on the side.

The layout has reversed what it was like a decade ago, reflecting major growth in the translation, publishing, and consumption of picture books for preschoolers in China since 2000.

Free air-conditioning alone makes a trip to the public library worthwhile.

These two young school girls, engrossed in children’s books on paper in the subway, were in the minority among an army of adult passengers who were equally engrossed in (or possessed by) their smart phones.

He unknowingly joins a gang of thieves and receives an over-sized gown to cover his naked body.

In the most economical visual language of comics, Zhang exaggerates the length of time it takes a scrawny Sanmao to finish buttoning the large garment.

The dough should taste sweet, but I would not dream of gobbling up the trickster.

He is famous for turning into a tiny mischievous bug and making you regret and consent to whatever unpleasant demand he shouts out gleefully from inside your belly–to surrender your magic heirloom fire-extinguishing fan, or to give him the password of your smart phone, for example. I spied on them in the children’s reading room of a district public library in Shanghai on a hot, hypnotizing Saturday afternoon in June.


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