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Each station chooses winners which are then entered in the national contest.TIME for Kids, a non-fiction weekly news magazine for classrooms, is a child-oriented version of its parent, TIME Magazine.Some high school contests accept entries in a variety of formats, including the standard fiction and non-fiction, but also things like screenwriting or visual art.

Each station chooses winners which are then entered in the national contest.

Many of the articles are written by TFK’s Kid Reporters, a job for which the magazine opens a talent search each year in March—the TFK Kid Reporter Contest.

Entrants must be under 15 years old and write a compelling news story about a school or community event.

One way to encourage them to polish their writing skills is to have them enter a writing contest.

Sometimes just the idea of recognition is enough to get those pencils to paper (or fingers to keyboard).

Students are grouped by age into three different levels, all of which are judged at both a state and national level.

Entries are judged on the merits of composition (grammar, organization, and language skills); content (how well the theme has been addressed); and voice.They’re out winning essay contests, winning story contests, getting published,” and celebrating other accomplishments.To that end, here are some opportunities for your students where they can submit their stories, articles, and essays, including a few sponsored by IEW.Not all submissions will be published and kids are encouraged to read the Stone Soup archives to get a sense of what type of writing the editors prefer.The great thing about Stone Soup is that kids can submit work as often as they want, regardless of previous rejection or acceptance for publication.Like Stone Soup, Creative Kids Magazine is not a contest but a publication written for kids by kids.Kids can submit everything from stories and songs to editorials and plays.Have you ever taken four minutes to listen to this video from Andrew, where he gives a brief description of IEW’s methodology and the results of a few years of using this method?Right around he says, “Once they gain the basic skills of Structure and Style, their creativity explodes!This annual contest is unique in that it focuses on kids working collaboratively to create a piece of illustrated work in the form of a children’s book.The 21-29 page book can be fiction or non-fiction and must be created by a group of at least three students.


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