Middle Childhood Development Essay

Middle Childhood Development Essay-19
Such pressures as family structure and marital status of the parents, contribute to an adolescents perceptions and social views.Adolescents are thought to believe that others are always watching and evaluating them, and so some think they are special and it gets to them.

As the parent finds reward in their childs achievements and rewarding them as well, the child is encouraged by the progress of their development.

When a child is encouraged, they are expected to follow a lifetime of meaningful work.

Peers provide practice in emotional regulation, empathy, and social understanding.

(Berger, 2010) Peer acceptance and getting along with peers is especially important for a childs development during middle childhood.

As children grow, play, and become more social there are still factors that can taint ones development.

For example, culture, temperament, sex, and parents affect the interactions during every stage of childrens development.

When children are in families that are functional, you can expect their development progress better than most.

A relationship between a child and a functional family unit helps foster self-esteem in the child, but that is most likely with support from a functional family.

Middle childhood and adolescence is a crucial period of development within everyones lifetime, but for the child and parent it can become a time of uncertainty.

In this era of a child life, their brains are developed enough to for logic, so they attempt to understand the world around them with answers from their perspective.


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