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Like a good academic, after learning of their diagnoses I attended Harvard University’s Mind, Brain, and Education summer workshop to learn about neuroscience.

In practicing the science of the human response to illness and healing, nurses stand at the intersection of the small and large, directing medical traffic for patients and lending them hope when their reserves run low.

Nurses care holistically for people, not pathologies.

May all colleges and universities learn from this example: faculty development means nurturing intellectual curiosity rather than encouraging safe residence in academic silos.

To be sure, English professor and psychiatric nurse practitioner look disjunctive at first glance, so some administrators may shy away from devoting scarce resources to faculty members’ cross-disciplinary and inter-professional endeavors.

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These questions were written by a third party test prep company and licensed by Practice Quiz for use on this site. Practice Quiz presents70 free review questions to assist in the preparation for the Medical Surgical RN exam.The MSRN exam contains approximately 150 scored multiple choice questions, though the paper and pencil version has an additional 25 unscored experimental questions The test-taker has 3 hours (computer-based) or 4 hours (paper and pencil) to complete the exam.Since the brain exists in a body, I then enrolled in anatomy and physiology courses through distance education with the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine to better understand the brain’s habitus.As you can tell, mine is a narrative of one thing leading to another.Nurse practitioners (NPs) are RNs who hold advanced degrees and train for a scope of practice that includes ordering labs, prescribing medications, and managing patients’ care.Throughout my journey toward becoming an NP, administrators and faculty at CLC supported a humanist enhancing his teaching by entering the sciences.The books and magazines were handy props, but I realized my self was the therapeutic tool when I listened to patients’ and families’ narratives of loss and hope, frustration and relief, pain and healing.Hospital volunteering led to an RN program, which led to master of science in nursing (M. N.) in the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner program.The following Medical Surgical Nursing topics are covered on the exam: Looking for more medical-surgical nursing questions?Try our free ANCC Medical-Surgical Nursing exam prep set with dozens more practice questions.


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