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I like him for being a liberal thinker, yet I somehow see him as a radical one.I like him for practicing what he preached, yet I dislike him for taking responsibilities greater than his life.

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We will do Rizal more honor remembering not only how he died, but how he lived.

In his most prescient essay, The Philippines A Century Hence, written in 1889 and in his December 15, 1896, memorandum for use by his counsel, Rizal made the following predictions: One, “the Philippines will one day declare herself independent”; two, “the great American Republic with interests in the Pacific…may one day think of acquiring possessions beyond the seas”; three, “the Philippines will defend with indescribable ardor the liberty she bought at the cost of so much blood and sacrifice”; four, “Japan will swallow us”; five, “[once liberated] the Philippines will, perhaps, establish a federal republic”; and six, “[the Philippines] will, perhaps, enter openly the wide road of progress and will work jointly to strengthen the Mother Country at home, as well as abroad…” All but two of his predictions had come to pass.

I enjoyed the movie nonetheless, but this thought resonated through my mind as I write this reaction paper about Jose Rizal.

Because it dares me to go beyond my fears and that makes me feel really uncomfortable.

And just like being trapped in a real black hole, I haven’t figured out how our nation would get out of the darkness it has marched into.

I like him for standing up for what he believed to be right, yet I dislike him for minding everyone else’s troubles.

Rizal taught farmers modern farming methods through the use of fertilizers, crop rotation and farm machines learned from his sojourns abroad.

He introduced fishermen to scientific fishing methods to increase their catch.

I could probably be writing tons of reaction papers for all his works – but I won’t mind.

I won’t complain for every sleepless night, for every mind-boggling interpretation of essays, for every brain-draining analysis of his novels – for everything. I might even be able to publish my own book entitled , I won’t be mourning for the dreams that “died” with him.


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