Mall Of America Essay

For a moment, everything seemed possible, a movement was growing.

But the forces that wore us down as workers also wore down the union.

What (a) retail and (b) consumer trends have occurred since Mall of America was opened in 1992 that it should consider when making future plans?

The key trend that has revolutionized the retail industry in all these years is the advent of internet as a major shopping channel.

For the retail stores, the merchandise does not have to be expensive, but memorable or interesting or something related to the Mall.

For the entertainment offerings, the safety becomes the most important thing.

Because of the diverse this mall has a lot to offer for everybody.

AT the height of the 2014 Christmas shopping season hundreds of people converged on the Mall of America rotunda to disrupt business as usual and remind a nation that Black Lives Matter—and matter more than shopping. I had been a part of business as usual in the Mall of America.

Base on the safety, creating some new playing method will be more attractive.

For the hotels, they have to be comfortable and give customer the feeling like going back to their home.4.


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