Loch Ness Monster Persuasive Essay

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However, people have been searching for Nessie for over 70 years, without much luck, and possibly for one particular reason — she doesn’t exist.Although I am completely open-minded and would actually prefer it that Nessie be real, here are a few reasons why she probably doesn’t exist.

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Even more, besides hoaxes, no one has ever produced a real photograph of Nessie.

Cryptozoologists have a theory that Nessie is actually a surviving plesiosaur — a marine reptile that swam in the water and is believed to have gone extinct 65 million years ago.

Plus, a little mystery in life is never a bad thing, otherwise life would just be really predictable and boring.

Welcome to Scotland, the home of Shrek's accent, Braveheart and haggis.

For Nessie to have survived for this long, there would have to be at least dozens, if not hundreds of them, to maintain a healthy breeding population.

Although the Loch Ness monster is not overly large (size ranging from a small car to a school bus), with so many living in the lake, you would expect them to be seen way more often.Renewed interest, especially on a scientific level, was sparked in 1934 when London physician Dr.Robert Kenneth Wilson took a picture of the alleged beast.Could there really be a monster lurking in the waters?One of the most enduring mysteries of the Western World is whether there is indeed a creature inhabiting Loch Ness Lake.There have been several monster sightings around Loch Ness.For example, in 1852 villagers charged with pitchforks to battle a “sea serpent,” however it turned out to be a horse taking a bath.Let’s be serious, they can’t all be hiding all at once, can they?Also, the lake also does not hold enough fish to sustain a population of Nessies — they would starve.Good idea for KS3 and could work alongside a more structured writing task at a later date.Do you believe that the Loch Ness Monster, Nessie, exists? There are a lot of people who believe the creature lurks in the depths of Scotland’s Loch Ness, and there have been several sightings of the beast to boot.


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