Literary Essay On Twelfth Night

Literary Essay On Twelfth Night-5
” as a pageboy to serve Orsino therfore intertwines both plots that are yet to grow in the play.

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Freytag’s theory delineates that a play is sibject to 5 acts upon which the 1st Act, the exposition, establishes the plot and enlightens the audience on what is to be expected..

All characters give rise to their functions and roles in this act.

Plot, in function, gives rise to character and in turn, the character gives rise to the unveiling of the plots.

This appeals to comic relief to the audience, a vital theatrical conponent in linking the events with the essence of the characters to the play.

Act one scene 1 inntroduces first and foremost the one and only Orsino, begging in portic verse lamenting on his loss of love “if music be the food of love play on………” This entire scene is devoted to his essence as character.

It is revealed that he is in love with the countess Olivia who has sworn to mourn the lost of her brother for seven years with “eye-offending brine” and “hath abjured the sight on men”.

Graham Atkins described him as a self ingulgent egotistical man.

This is indeed humourous to an extent for such a creation of such a character.

On his first appearane with Maris in act one scene 5, Fest demonstrated not only that he is able to more than hold his own in a wit combat but that he is shrewd enough to see the true state of affairs in the household.

Such is exemplified when he demonstrates to Olivia the folly and preposterous attitude to withdraw from the world for seven years in mourning for her brother shwing her the reality that her brother is in heaven and that it is absurd to carry such a period of lament “ The more fool, madonna, being in heaven. Feste therefore represents logica in a world that lacks it, the free spirited love-sickened Illyria.


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