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Here are my top tips for designing your writing rubric: For a long time, it’s seemed like it was a big secret to find out what the essay question would be at the end of a unit.

Here are my top tips for designing your writing rubric: For a long time, it’s seemed like it was a big secret to find out what the essay question would be at the end of a unit.

Well here, the secret: grading fast depends on everything I’ve talked about prior to this: a well designed and clearly understood rubric, writing practice, and targeted lessons that precede essay turn-in make for a much faster and more focused grading experience for you.

You might be thinking, why is the first part of a game plan the last thing I look at in the process?

This article is the first in a series of articles that will break down into detail ways to handle these problems and to focus your instruction in a way that’s helpful to students and life-saving to your weekend hours with your friends, family, and social life!

You’ll start to see your students papers holistically and you’ll even start to see your class as a whole.

This is the goal: let go of the nitty gritty issues in grading full papers.


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