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All other requests for dissertations should be made through Dart Doc.There are many different types of project and so it is difficult to produce a detailed set of recommendations to suit every single dissertation.In addition, most Dartmouth dissertations from 1993 to the present will be available online in Pro Quest.

Includes titles and page numbers of all sections and subsections. Another is to clearly elucidate the aims and objectives of the project and the constraints that might affect the way in which the project is carried out.

If the project involves the solution of a specific problem or the production of a specific system this should be clearly specified in an informal way.

Any further material needed should be summarised and suitable references cited.

Title, name, supervisor, module code, date, and the following statement: "This report is submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the degree of [Degree Title] by [Full Name]".

Foreign dissertations are often available at the Center for Research Libraries.

If you find the dissertation you need in the CRL Dissertation Catalog, you can request it through Dart Doc.By submitting your project through MOLE, you agree to the declaration above.This should be two or three short paragraphs (100-150 words total), summarising the dissertation.For an experimental project, the experimental goals, design, execution and evaluation might be covered.What now follows is a typical structure for a 'design and build' project.A bad abstract would have a final paragraph that just said "the achievements will be described" - this is useless, as it says nothing.From the abstract a reader should be able to ascertain if the project is of interest to them and presents results of which they would like to know more details. title page (i), signed declaration (ii) abstract (iii), acknowledgements (iv) and contents (v-? It is often best include a separate list of all the figures in the dissertation (figure number, label, page number), and a separate list of all tables in the dissertation (table number, label, page number). Clearly one is to set the scene for the project by giving a little relevant background information - try to grab the reader's interest early.The title the dissertation ends up with need not be the one it started with in the project choice stage more than a year earlier but it should be meaningful. The second page should be the following declaration: "All sentences or passages quoted in this report from other people's work have been specifically acknowledged by clear cross-referencing to author, work and page(s).Any illustrations that are not the work of the author of this report have been used with the explicit permission of the originator and are specifically acknowledged.Dissertations may also be available at no cost from the issuing institution's website.In addition to checking their web site, try using search tools such as Google Scholar or the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations.


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