Life After High School Essay

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The book's brief description intrigued me and left me wanting to know more.

I remember when I was younger I couldn’t wait till graduating high school, but then I realized there was way more to come after high school. I have to decide on what college I want to go to and what do I really want to do as my career job. There are so many careers to choose from but there are very few I’m interested in.

Before my senior year ends I need to make sure I know what I want to go to college for so I can be focused on that one thing.

However, as I began my search for the perfect major and career, one thing remained clear to me: I liked science.

Once I came to that realization, things started falling into place.

Its website enabled me to find local genetic counselors, learn more about how to enter the field and discover available graduate programs.

Armed with knowledge about the profession, I grew more excited about this career possibility. I wanted to make certain this was the correct profession for me.

One other field remained that I wanted to explore before I committed to a career in genetic counseling: laboratory research.

So I contacted a genetics professor at my university and committed to a year-long thesis project using yeast to perform a genomic survey.

When I began the process of selecting a graduate program, there were approximately 25 genetic counseling programs nationwide, and each admitted, on average, five to 10 students a year.

Despite the competitive nature of the programs, I was determined to reach my goal.


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