Leaf Shaped Writing Paper

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In the second part of this lesson, students will become more familiar with the seasonal changing of leaves.

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In addition, they will communicate what they have learned about leaves in quantitative terms.

The activities in this lesson will challenge students to consider how standard units of measurement help clarify for others what they are trying to convey.

Collages don't have to be made from paper scraps.

Help your child get creative with a small pile of leaves from your yard or local park.

Please note that the website used in this lesson has an "Audio Enhanced Version" as well as a "Graphics Only Version." For students who are not yet reading, the audio enhancement will allow them to go through the site with more independence.

To help students become excited about leaves, take a group "Leaf Walk." This can be a field trip or simply something you do at recess time.

Experiment with different leaves and different combinations. A collage with just a few leaves or a collage that is almost all leaves?

Display your child’s gallery of leafy creatures to show off her creativity.

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