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If you aren't yet certain you plan to use this lawyer, be sure to ask about whether he or she charges for this initial consultation.

Some lawyers do free first consultations, others may charge several hundred dollars.

But the federal regulations require certain findings and not all allegations meet the federal definition of scientific misconduct.

There is also the possibility the institution in charge of investigating the allegations has its own set of policies that have a different standard of what constitutes research misconduct.

If the lawyer is willing to take your case, you should ask what he or she charges.

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Also ask when, exactly, you will be charged: quarterly, monthly, up-front, or at the conclusion of the project?As part of your initial meeting with your attorney, it's important to understand the anticipated cost of the representation and how this will be calculated. Some charge by the hour; some charge by the project, on a flat-fee or contingency basis.In the case of lawyers who charge hourly, some start out by charging a retainer, which is an initial up-front fee that they then bill against at an hourly rate until it runs out (at which point the assumption is usually that you'll be ready to pay more).Ultimately, the goal of all of the proceedings is to protect the integrity of science.Just as all those who are accused of crime are not bad people and can very well be productive members of society after they pay their penalty, so too does science not necessarily want to rid itself of all scientists accused of misconduct.You may be presented with a contract called a retainer agreement or a legal services agreement. Read and understand the document before you sign it.This typically spells out the scope of the lawyer's representation of you, as well as the fees that you will pay. Be clear on what will happen next, and then be sure to follow through on whatever you're asked to do by your new attorney. Commonly, a lawyer will ask you to send additional documents or information pertaining to your case so that he or she can review it in detail.Explore resources for employment and wages by state and area for lawyers.Compare the job duties, education, job growth, and pay of lawyers with similar occupations.An initial meeting with your attorney is important, not just for exchanging information about your case, but also for building rapport and trust.Commonly, you will first have a short phone call with the lawyer, who will then ask to meet you in person.


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