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Rotondi stated in his article in Guitar Player Magazine: “Every John Lennon song made a plea, or critically observed, or entertained with the sheer force of images or creative language( Rotondi: Obrecht”)” John’s music Ideas came from, here, there, and everywhere.

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He called another song he wrote from everyday living, “A Day in The Life.” One morning John was sitting at his table reading the morning newspaper and read an article about the heir to the Guinness fortune being killed in an automobile accident.

On the next page was another story about how there were 4000 holes in Blackburn Lancashire, that were in the need of repair.

The song continues on to say, “Man I was mean, But I’m changing the scene.

I’m doing the best that I can(Garbarini 63).” Lennon was saying he was sorry for his treatment of Cynthia and was trying to make a change in his behavior pattern.

The Johns school master double thought that John could go to an art school for college, since he did not get good grades in school, but had prudish talent.

He made it to art school, and was not allow to be given Rock and Roll.Even though he was cut down before his time, his lyrics remain as powerful and reflective today as ever.His enduring lyrics weave threads of his life, to create a beautiful tapestry of songs, which will endure and be sung for generations to come.When Dick Cheney stepped up to the lectern to accept the party’s nomination for Vice President, the band played Lennon’s “Come Together.” In the beginning of the song it say’s “Here Come Ole Flattop” referring to the candidates near baldness.Weiner also mentions that, the Democrats at their convention used the song Imagine as a theme in their tribute to Jimmy Carter.The lyrics to the song Imagine clearly captured the essence of ex President Carters time in the oval office: “You may say I’m a dreamer But I’m not the only one I hope someday you’ll join us And the world will live as one”(Imagine) Understanding Lennon’s music without going back to his beginnings would be impossible.John Lennon grew up in the seaport town of Liverpool, England.“From “In My Life” to “All You Need is Love” to “Imagine” John Lennon’s songs documented his life’s haunting uncertainty and struggles, its irony and absurdity, and its brave possibilities ( Rotondi: Obrecht).” Lennon’s gravel throated voice was in tune to our feelings and he had a driving hand with his electric Rickenbacker guitar.Lennon had the talent to transform the pain he felt into beautiful sweet songs.One of his most autobiographical songs, “In My Life” was according to Lennon the first song he wrote about his life intentionally.John said he wrote the song on a bus trip he took one day that brought back many childhood recollections ( Sheff) John once wrote a song called “Getting Better” He once admitted to a journalist that he sometimes had problems expressing himself and was totally ashamed of the way he had treated women. I beat her and kept her apart from the things she loved,” Was typical of the way he treated his first wife, Cynthia.


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