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In 1892, the cloak makers were organized there, and in 1891, the shirt makers (Addams 58).The Chicago Women’s Trade Union League was also organized there (Addams 59).

In 1892, the cloak makers were organized there, and in 1891, the shirt makers (Addams 58).

Trained to respond first to their “family claims,” women had to respond instead to “social claims” in order to survive in the male-dominated business world.

Women were taught to identify with their families to such an extent that they did not organize to defend their rights.

Education, she thought, needed to produce people who were capable of living together and learning from each other (Addams 12-36).

Jane Addams, a pragmatist and a utilitarian, spent her life educating others about social reform/care ethics and defending the rights of women in society.

Education was one of the ways she relied on to overcome class disparity, as well as to increase interaction between classes.

Her horses about the interdependent nature of living in a democracy provided a backdrop for her educational theory.

The residents, according to Addams, could assist this change in consciousness.

They could also help working-class men and women to communicate with one another.

She must supplement her family conscience by a social and an industrial conscience.

She must widen her family affection to embrace the children of the community.


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