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Palestine became a center of Christian pilgrimage after the emperor Constantine converted to that faith.The Arabs took Palestine from the Byzantine empire in 634–640.

Palestine became a center of Christian pilgrimage after the emperor Constantine converted to that faith.The Arabs took Palestine from the Byzantine empire in 634–640.

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6, 1973, with a surprise Egyptian and Syrian assault on the Jewish high holy day of Yom Kippur.

Initial Arab gains were reversed when a cease-fire took effect two weeks later, but Israel suffered heavy losses.

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Coordinating with an Anglo-French force, Israeli troops seized the Gaza Strip and drove through the Sinai to the east bank of the Suez Canal, but withdrew under U. Expanding its territory by 200%, Israel at the cease-fire held the Golan Heights, the West Bank of the Jordan River, Jerusalem's Old City, and all of the Sinai and the east bank of the Suez Canal.

In the face of Israeli reluctance even to discuss the return of occupied territories, the fourth Arab-Israeli war erupted on Oct.

Interrupted only by Christian Crusaders, Muslims ruled Palestine until the 20th century.

During World War I, British forces defeated the Turks in Palestine and governed the area under a League of Nations mandate from 1923.


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