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(Vergara PAGE NUMBER OR SECTION HERE) "Into the wild" by Jon Krakauer is a very interesting book.

Interpreting Nature in Into the Wild The story of Christopher Mc Candliss is a personal journey of discovery that almost delivered its star back into society much better for the journey.

Sadly, Christopher died alone in the wilderness, only to be discovered two weeks later by moose hunters.

In The American dream, Frank was from an average life family. He ended up in the White House and became a role model for many people. Chris’ family embraced Franks’ idea of the self-made man.

This is evident through their selfless act of taking Chris to school.

Moreover, the writer does not explain the importance of common sense in his book, but the behavior and actions.....their margins, if they include it at all."(Kollin, Susan.

The Wild, Wild North: Nature Writing, Nationalist Ecologies, and Alaska.) To conclude, it should not be misplaced to say that Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild taps the pulse of a country and a people content with their present, but not so much that they are comfortable with what tomorrow holds.The......Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer Into the Wild (1996), the bestselling nonfiction book by Jon Krakauer which deals with the adventures of Christopher Mc Candless, tells a very familiar and popular American story and the author intermingles the protagonist’s story with the account of the wilderness experiences of Everett Rues, John Muir, John Menlove Edwards and the adventures of the writer himself.In other words, it is the astounding story of an individual who wished to be close to nature but took the wrong path which cost him his own life.Once he graduated from Emory University (1990) he offered all his money to charity.He then disappeared and left his personal identity and past.The protagonist in the story is presented as spiritually ill who crosses out on his.....families will help them in reducing their financial problems.Common sense is to save money after the expenses on special events.Apparently, they had the notion that education would help in elevating Chris, from his middle class lifestyle to a more prominent and successful lifestyle.This is a notion that many people around the globe have.He does not like society and wants a reprieve from it.What he probably did not think of was of him losing his life. Chris is an intelligent man, a graduate of the Emory University at top grades, also an athlete.


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