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However a recent survey showed that fewer than thirty percent of the students polled could say what interest rate they were paying on their cards.

It’s like not knowing anything about guns and toting an Uzi.

Total household debt has soared to 93% of annual income. These statistics have been building for years but it is no longer just the baby-boomers problem.

USA Today has reported that for the last five years, finances have been the number one subject of most New Year’s Resolutions. My generation just embarked down the same ruinous path.

As a person’s blood-alcohol level rises with continued consumption, the physiological effects of alcohol cause lowered self-consciousness and may damage a person.

Illustration Essay Alcohol Merchandise Planning Business Analyst

These individuals are incapable of consenting to any sexual act.

[tags: Alcohol Abuse, alcohol, Alcoholism, ] - Alcohol abuse that continues and becomes a habit can result in long-term effects on the body.

If this abuse continues, it can result in physiological, psychological, and social consequences.

In many cases it leads to brain damage or early death.

Alcoholism is a chromic disease, which means that it will last a person’s lifetime.


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