Ielts Task 2 Essay Structure

Ielts Task 2 Essay Structure-72
Each paragraph should be organised around one main idea.If you read my article about coherence in an IELTS essay, you will know about how to structure an essay and the paragraphs in an essay.

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IELTS essay planning means your essay will answer the question properly.

Your writing is less likely to include irrelevant ideas and examples because you thought about your ideas in advance.

In our example, this is the question: So your task is to state whether you agree or disagree with this idea, to explain your opinion, and to give examples to support your opinion.

When you plan your IELTS essay, always remember your task.

The word can be used to mean professional jobs, such as doctors and lawyers, but it can also be used as a synonym for ‘jobs’.

I think it is safe to assume the second definition.

If you do not plan you have to think about the task, the ideas, the structure, linking phrases, vocabulary, grammatical structures all at the same time. The writing test comes after the listening and reading tests, so you will have been doing the test for an hour and 40 minutes already.

When you are tired, you are more likely to lose concentration and write irrelevant ideas, or make mistakes with grammar and spelling. Here is my step-by-step guide to IELTS essay planning.

The essay for Task 2 of the IELTS writing exam is something that a lot of students are afraid of.

You must write about 250 words and this should be completed in approximately 40 minutes (because you also need to complete Writing Task 1 in the first 20 minutes of the 1 hour writing test).


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