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For example, reading Chinese is such a huge undertaking in itself, so unrelated to speaking since it's a non-phonetic language, that learn to read Chinese at all for the first months, especially if they aren't in China yet.

After you can speak a little by learning from pinyin (romanisation), reading Chinese characters gets way easier when you later it was important to prioritise reading Thai, especially since it wasn't that hard to learn.

Chapters in a huge course like that is an almost endless process, and in the early stages of learning a language, I need something solid to work with, rather than gradual improvement of learning the language in general.

After the second day, I thought seriously for a bit.

but what I have right now is useful and that was the point of it all.

Today I had a class and (while I still did it slowly), I could go through the basic dialogue that the teacher sent me, which was entirely in Arabic script.Not your age, destiny, genes, stars not aligning, having picked that “one” hardest language in the world, or other lazy-ass excuses. A very popular way to kill time in language learning is to simply do “something” and feel that it's at least dragging you ! Do you go through another few pages in that vast course material? Rather than try to improve the entire system with minor attention to this, why not simply focus on that, and nip the problem in the bud so it's gone for good?Working on improvements is wasteful when you can simply solve the thing slowing you down the most. After my first day learning Arabic, I was able to use a few basic pleasantries fine.But none of these were actually my BIGGEST problem.I'll , who cares about grammar – tidying up is for later and should be the lowest priority for a beginner, and radio is too advanced for me now.In this video, I read a script written entirely in Arabic (no romanisation) about how I'm in Rio and just starting the mission.To make it more interesting, I've thrown in some nice views of the city at various points in the video, but there is no editing out of my pauses and hesitations.I went back to my course book and flew through the most recent chapter because the grammar point it was discussing was easy, and it was mostly the new letter that would have slowed me down.So my recent days have been focused entirely on being able to read any Arabic (aloud).My second day, I got into using my course material and got through several chapters.But it was really starting to feel like busywork that wasn't helping me directly enough with my upcoming spoken session.


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