How To Write A Speech For An Oral Presentation

When you stand up for an oral presentation, you want to feel like a rockstar. Below, we will show you how to write a presentation in English that your listeners will love. However, there is a general consensus in English-speaking colleges and universities about what makes a good oral presentation.

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No one will be persuaded if you simply say, “We need to stop global warming because it is bad.”At the same time, it may be hard to express your thoughts or argument if English is not your first language.Just like those essays, many oral presentations will require you to persuade someone or inform them about a topic.Your presentation will need background information and evidence.To get everyone’s interest, try using attention-grabbing language.If your introduction is engrossing enough, the audience will not care if you have an accent or mispronounce a few words.As you transition through various intense emotions such as anger, happiness and shock, your performance should reflect it.This is achieved in both your tone and your body language (moving around).Use “trigger words” so that if you forget your next point, you have something there. Even if you screw up a word or suddenly forget your next point, just take a breath, correct yourself, and keep going. If your friends make you laugh, don’t look at them. Give it some energy; be pumped but not “I-just-downed-5-cans-of-V” pumped.Give it as much energy as it is appropriate for your speech. Every country has different cultural standards for communication. In real life, most people—even native English speakers—feel totally the opposite before an oral presentation. Soon you will be presenting in English with the confidence of a rockstar!


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