How To Write A Business Plan Uk

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For most businesses, this is the amount they'll need initial funding for to begin trading.

Your financial plans should contain enough detail (i.e., monthly) for the first year then quarterly or yearly for the following two years.

What channels do you plan to use to reach your potential customers?

Compare your planned channels with your competitors.

Outline any ideas you have to improve your distribution.

Analyse the cost efficiency of each of your selling methods, such as telesales, a direct sales force, agents, or the Internet.It should ideally be one page, but two pages are equally acceptable.This area covers your mission statement, company goals and objectives, business philosophy, the industry you're in and legal ownership and key employees.Before you start working on your business plan, refine your goals.Outline your target market, your customers and the other businesses you’ll compete against in that market. Describe the nature and distribution of your existing customers.Define the market in which you plan to sell and then focus on the segments of the market in which you compete. Give a typical customer profile for each market segment you target.For example, you might target businesses with a turnover of more than £2 million. What are the advantages and disadvantages of their products and services compared with yours?For example, are they: What unique selling features do your products or services have and which of these features will you concentrate on?Explain how price sensitive your products or services are. Identify where you make your profits and where there is scope to increase margins or sales. Do you use direct marketing, advertising or online marketing?We have three templates you can use to do your business plan kindly offered by SCORE and Bank of Scotland.There are two for preparing the narrative of your plan (One for a startup business and the other for an existing business) and a cash flow template.


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