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Teacher The ghosts of Rwanda The film The ghosts of Rwanda is a gut wrenching documentary about the Rwandan genocide in 1995 particularly in the opening scene where dead bodies were shown to illustrate the magnitude of the conflict.

The documentary was able to catch the human misery and drama during the Rwandan genocide in the mise-en-scene introduction of the film that told the extent of the violence waged by the Hutus and Tutsis against each other.

When the Hutu militia broke loose in killing everyone, it was only western people who are white skinned that was evacuated by the Belgian military. The reasons for those occurrences may differ but they all boil down into further hatred and hardships.

They were under orders not to evacuate ordinary Rwandans no matter how they pleaded for their life that an American diplomat had to say that this left a bad taste in their policy because thousands were killed. Many efforts are being done by various groups, sectors and organizations to prevent any violence to occur as to provide peaceful liberties to people and guard their rights.

Two peoples made up the greater portion of the population, the Hutus and the Tutsis.

During the European rule the Tutsis were the privilege class, the Hutu...... The history of the world in the twentieth century is dotted with genocide.

The killing spree used not only guns but also machetes that spared no one including the Prime Minister. Is the film primarily entertainment, or is it really trying to work within the historical time period? What, if any, current-day point is the film trying to make?

It was so barbaric that the Rwandan genocide in 1995 will probably go down in history as one of the most revolting civil war in mankind’s history. In this film, it occurs that the events which took place as in the genocide, which did have a factual basis, were real and knowing the political and economic conditions of Rwanda at the time, or Africa in general, it would seem impossible to offer a critique that claims otherwise.

Most people, in the United States, do not live in environments like this, but it was very real for the people living in Rwanda.

Rwanda was under European control, first by Germany and then by Belgium, from 1884 until they gained their independence in 1962.


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