Homework Second Grade

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I am saying that if your daughter asks you for help with something that you can easily help her with, it is good for your relationship, and actually helpful to her development, for you to extend the help rather than refuse. If you didn't know the author's name, and had to walk across the room to look at it, then you can't help her easily, and you would just tell your daughter that (kindly of course).

It would be harder for her to look at it and write it than to have your help, but no big deal, and she certainly wouldn't expect you to walk across the room to look at it when it was in front of her.

I know it seems like she could do it herself, and I know that many experts advise you not to do anything your child could do herself.

But when we help our kids in little ways that they specifically solicit, it is clear to them that we love caring for them, and they internalize that feeling of being loved, and of having backup to help them when things feel tough.

That presumes, though, that she has a full cup emotionally.

If she doesn't, she might have a meltdown when you kindly tell her you can't help her with this task at this moment.But of course for her, it probably is laborious, one letter at a time.Before they are skilled in the mechanics of writing, it's hard for many kids to maintain the flow of their thoughts while they write.My oldest daughter is in 2nd grade and the homework is minimal right now.I have read the instructions from her teacher, telling her that her teacher expects them to do their homework on their own and the parents check it. Just this morning she was filling in her Reading Journal and she is asking me to tell her the letters in the author's name. This becomes a yelling session for me..doesn't help that I am pregnant too. It feels to you like your daughter should be able to handle her homework and just have you check it, and you can't understand why she's asking you for so much help.While they are now very self-disciplined and manage their own work, I am happy to be available if they want to ask me a question, have me read over a paper, or simply because my presence helps keep them focused on their work instead of succumbing to the lure of Facebook or incoming cell phone texts.So offering structure and support is definitely an appropriate way for parents to support kids of all ages in doing their homework. If she has difficulty in understanding the material, you can certainly work with her on it, but in that case it is also a good idea to let the teacher know what you're seeing so she can be sure your child is learning at school.If you need to tend to other children or make dinner, it is best to set up homework time in the kitchen near you.My teenagers still do their homework in our family room, so that as I make dinner, I am in the same room with them.If they also have to struggle with spelling, writing becomes a chore, which is not a desirable outcome.If she feels like writing is difficult, she will do as little as possible of it, and of course what you want is for her to love reading and writing so much that she can't wait to get to her reading journal.


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