Historical Fiction Book Report For 4th Grade

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Before assigning the project, explain to your students that historical fiction is about a particular time in history, but many of the characters and plot details are fictional.Have each student select a historical fiction book from a list you offer; suggested reading lists for fifth-graders are available on the PBS website and the Ann Arbor District Library website.

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The kids decide the most significant events from the week and have a quiet class period to reflect and compose writing reflection letters.

I send them home, parents read them, and they (hopefully) return to class on Monday where they'll be bound into a spiral book at the end of the year.

Although this is not exactly a diary, it's a jumping off point in introducing the idea of personal reflection.

We discuss why someone would keep a diary or journal, and I ask for a show of hands of anyone who now, or has in the past, kept one that was not required in school.

Giving the kids a personal touchstone on diary or journal writing is the objective of the warm up.

Although the idea of a diary may seem obvious to adults, kids are living in a far different world when it comes to recording their experiences.Write a short paragraph about each of the images you put on your collage and tell what importance the object or people had in the story. Include with your collage a cover sheet that states your name, date, title of the book, the author, and the number of pages and chapters.Fifth grade social studies and language arts teachers often assign historical fiction projects as part of their curriculum.Ask them to write a personal review of the book on the back cover.Students can either write or type the content for their book jackets, but the content and drawings must be original.Ask students to select a historical fiction book from your list and develop a five-minute oral book review.Instruct them to spend approximately half of the time explaining the plot, major characters and important themes and the other half discussing the setting and historical context.When making a collage, you can use pictures from magazines, words, scraps of fabric, or things from nature, draw things or whatever you can find to blend together the images and people from the story.These pieces all overlap one another to make the picture. This gives your work a kind of mixed-up, fun kind of appearance.They'll likely need to do some additional research to explain the historical context.Encourage them to focus on central conflicts and how they are resolved.


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