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To put this into a concise statement, I’m going to say that their target customer segment is: People who work out at home or people who work out at the gym but would like to work out at home so long as they could be instructed by trainers.Job to be Done The job to be done is a way of thinking about a customer segments fundamental needs.Well when you actually have to put a business plan together, the costs, revenues and profitability of the business are a little more complicated.

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When I started using the Innovator’s Canvas three years ago to document new business and innovation ideas, I found it extremely useful in organizing and tracking all critical assumptions in a business idea.

What I learned later on though is that for some people, especially those who have a limited business background, it can be a little intimidating to understand and use. That’s when I decided to create the Business Planning Canvas.

The third thing is the business model canvas does not have a place for explaining the overall market, industry and technology environment.

In the business planning canvas, these are clearly given space so you can think through and know what sort of environment your business will live in.

Those are the main reasons I felt the need to create the business planning canvas.

Now let’s dive into what it is and how it can help you and your business.

Other than being intrigued by their business idea, I have no affiliation with them.

For Mirror, after looking through their website they use images of people that are very fit and active and who work out at home, or at least want to work out at home but are currently going to a gym and paying for a gym membership in order to be instructed by trainers.

Free Canvas Download For startups, creating a business plan is often the least exciting part of getting their business up and running.

Many startup founders are driven by passion to create interesting solutions to problems and creating a business plan is usually a necessary chore.


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