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No humanity in fanaticism It was the strict ban on western disco music that inspired Joe Strummer’s lyrics.With "Rock the Casbah" he wanted to express that "there’s no tenderness or humanity in fanaticism," he said.Among the blight-killed eucalypts, among trees and bushes rusted by Christmas frosts, the yards and hillsides exhausted by five years of drought, certain airy white blossoms punctually reappeared, and dense clusters of pale pink, dark pink— a delicate abundance.

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But the jet pilots are not immune to the lure of the music and soon join in the chorus of "Rock The Casbah!

" It all fits in so well with the past and present political climate: Ayatollah Khomeini dethroned the despotic Shah in 1979; even then, the newly declared "Islamic Republic of Iran" had no time for fun and games, and launched a wide-ranging cultural revolution.

Yet the blossoms, clinging to thin branches more lightly than birds alert for flight, lifted the sunken heart even against its will.

But not as symbols of hope: they were flimsy as our resistance to the crimes committed —again, again—in our name; and yes, they return, year after year, and yes, they briefly shone with serene joy over against the dark glare of evil days.

They are, and their presence is quietness ineffable—and the bombings are, were, no doubt will be; that quiet, that huge cacophany simultaneous.

No promise was being accorded, the blossoms were not doves, there was no rainbow.To some of us, the dejected landscape consorted well with our shame and bitterness.Skies ever-blue, daily sunshine, disgusted us like smile-buttons.The British punk band "The Clash" stormed the charts 25 years ago with the legendary "Rock the Casbah".But Joe Strummer, the band’s cult singer, would never have imagined that his song could become the anthem of the Gulf War soldiers.In this dossier we present some of its most important figures, styles and encounters.Mohammed Alaa al-Jaleel says: "If you feel compassion towards people, you should feel compassion towards all living things." The Syrian rescues cats from the ruins left behind by the civil war - first in Aleppo and now in Idlib.Essay text: As Iraq's complaints against Kuwait grew increasingly harsh, Iraq began to mobilize its troops near Kuwaiti border.Kuwait decided not to call on the United States or other non-Arab powers for support.As a result, the Clash’s songs are an early combination of British rudeboy attitude, reggae, folk and Oriental sounds.After the untimely end of the Clash in 1985, Strummer confirmed his standing as a political activist and advocate of multiculturalism, exerting a clear influence on world music writers and performers such as Manu Chao.


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