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Gravity Essay Competition-15
When a positively charged impurity is placed inside a cold metal, the resulting charge density around that object exhibits characteristic ripples to negative values, known as Friedel oscillations.In this essay, we describe a somewhat analogous effect in (i) linearized higher-derivative gravity and (ii) linearized infinite-derivative "ghost-free" gravity: when a gravitational impurity (point particle) is placed in Minkowski vacuum, the local energy density $\rho \equiv G_\xi^\mu \xi^\nu$ (with $\xi=\partial_t$) exhibits oscillations to negative values.

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These years during the First World War saw with owe the introduction and debate of a revolution on universal knowledge.

It is not difficult to argue that it is one of the key science moments of all times.

On the other hand, it is also a multimedia platform of contents in which it will be possible to deepen in the subjects that are treated: cosmology, relativity and, above all, gravity.

Since the inception of General Relativity by Albert Einstein in 1915, GRAVITY as a research area has but growed till forming an extremely rich framework encompassing the universe as a whole.

Now in its 70th year, the annual competition recognises papers describing the authors’ original research in the fields of general relativity and quantum gravity.

Each year, the five best essays are selected as winning works and several outstanding essays are given an Honorable Mention.

The prize, assigned by the Gravity Research Foundation for the 70th time this year, awards the best and most well-written essays about gravitation, its theory, applications or effects.

The contest, which awards prizes of up to ,000, has been won by five people who won the Nobel Prize in physics.

The research of my group at Penn State, as well as in several other collaborations with colleagues elsewhere, circles around different aspects whose common theme is their relevance for formulations of quantum gravity.

The nature of the field allows a broad range of projects, some of which focus more on mathematical aspects and others on physical applications.


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